Sharon Callens - Realtor®

(254) 630-6885

As a Realtor, Sharon is very passionate about educating her clients on buying and/or selling a home. She knows purchasing a home is a big financial commitment, because of that she will stay highly motivated, extremely relentless and will never stop advocating and negotiating for her clients. 

When Sharon is not working Real Estate, she is spending time with her family. She is married with one child, two bonus children and one grandchild. She has a strong faith in God and is very active in her church community and proudly serves on the Praise and Worship as well as the Veteran's Ministry. 

Sharon is an Indiana native. Having served her country in the US Army as an Automated Logistical Specialist, she has over 25 years of military training. Which includes multiple tours to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Iraq. These experiences instilled discipline, motivation, dedication and allowed her to face challenges head on. After retiring from the US Army, she transitioned to serving her community as a full-time Real Estate Agent in Killeen/Fort Hood, Dallas-Fort Worth and surrounding areas in Texas. Being a Realtor allows her to continue to help other make their dreams a reality.

Her motto is: "I served you then, I'LL SERVE YOU NOW!"